1. Put a great content to your own website.

I think that you already know that a good content is really important. It is the best thing when you are able to design it on your own. If writing is not your strongest side, then you should not hassle too much to get someone to help you out writing the texts for the blog you are owning.

  1. Collect credits

If your budget is very tight and you need money for ad campaign, you can look for discounts that often float around paid Google ads, Youtube or Facebook ads. Also, there are services that sell service of hosting, alongside with various discounts, which are included in their offer.

  1. Make some instructional videos.

What is very valuable is video content; it might cost large sums of money to hire someone to produce professional YouTube videos; so, it is okay to give yourself a chance or hire a student of film production.

  1. You have to be a savvy social networker as well.

You should make business accounts; also, participate in the largde social media websites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Furthermore, add Instagram as well if your business is image-oriented.

   5. Reddit

RedditReddit is a hard-core social network. It might be a strong tool if you use it in strategic way. Reddit is made of an audience that is highly skilled in technology and that bristles at any evident marketing strategy.

In order to win at Reddit, you should share just the content that is awesome, and post just the extreme niches. There are unique categories in Reddit as well, called ‘subreddits’ that cope with some of the most simple, but most particular interests in existence. Also, there is even a subreddit to admire fine handwriting. Of course, this is number one for SEO.


6. Think about DIY Info Graphics. Info graphics are a really strong tools of marketing. Their visualization is great for the eye; also, they are easy to review. Users prefer sharing them, and due to this, they are a good way of driving up referral links and traffic. Since it can cost great amounts of money to hire some to design for your an A+ info graphic – you can create your own info graphic for less amounts of money if you are a person who likes a challenge.

7. Advertising: Stumble Upon.

Paid Discovery will help you get more users. So, what do you think? What’s the best working on Stumble Upon? The answer is humorous content, photography as well as visual assets.



   8. Revive your old data.

When your budget of marketing is small, then you probably are not able to pay people to write articles for your blog. So, if this is the case, revive a content that is already on the Internet instead of writing a new one. You probably know that there are stats and a millions of studies accessible on the Internet. Just look for them by browsing Google.